Jordan Celebrates 3 Years at NSM!

Slow, sure growth is a sign of a healthy plant with the strength and roots to flourish for many years. Three years ago today, Jordan Buckhalt joined the NSM creative services department as a budding graphic designer. It’s been wonderful to see him grow.

Jordan, what’s the best thing you learned this year?

For the last six months, for 20 hours of my spare time outside of work every week, I’ve been in the midst of a deep dive course on user experience. I’m close to my certification now, and it’s been amazing to start applying what I’m learning at work. Today, I have a much better understanding of the data that helps us understand our clients’ end-users that we design for in our work. When we can tie what we learn about them to the goals of our clients, that alignment has strong potential!

What’s one project you’re particularly proud to share?

We finished an e-book project for one of our newest K-12 school clients recently that I really enjoyed working on. Since we got to build it from the ground up, there was a lot of room for creative development and to make the design work for their needs and goals.

Outside of work, what have you been excited about these days?

[Laughs.] My wife and I joined a YMCA volleyball league and that’s been fun. We’ve been doing that with our small group from church. Early season predictions had us finishing fourth out of four teams, but we finished in third place. Also, [fellow designer] Bryan has continued to get me into plants. It’s turning into a greenhouse around here with lots of greenery and succulents and that’s been fun. They remind me of the ways I see NSM growing, too, and it has been good to see, good to be a part of that.

We’re grateful to have you to work alongside, Jordan! Thanks for who you are and all you do for our clients and team.

Happy Workiversary #3 Jordan!

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