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Tyler Olson is 50% of the dynamic project management team at North Star. He helps keep the rest of us and hundreds of projects pressing forward. He also works to keep us on time and in alignment with the scope of value we build for each education client we serve. Urgent details and schedule changes rain down thicker than North Carolina’s April pollen on this guy’s desk. He’s undaunted. He’s like an allergy pill with arms, legs, and a beard. If you think that’s a weird thing to say, you should hear his jokes. Thanks for keeping us laughing and tracking for success, Tyler.

What are some of the highlights from the last year?

Tyler: For me solidifying the tiered website offering and deliverables for our clients was one of the biggest things. They seem to get better every time we roll one out. 

How are those making a difference for our clients?

Tyler: For one thing, it’s a much faster process. We can virtually move as fast as they want to move on these. Imagine having a website launched in three or four weeks that is helping produce enrollment results almost immediately, rather than waiting six or seven months to build one from scratch.

I know that compression in the production timeline is a win for everybody. What else are you hearing about our new website offerings?

Tyler: The other great thing is that we have some truly solid options for schools that don’t have massive budgets. It’s fast and affordable for them to get a website that is easier for their marketing team to work with, wildly better looking, and much more functional for parents. It’s a night and day difference for a lot of our clients. 

As a project manager, where do you spend most of your time and effort for our team?

Tyler: I still have some client-facing relationships but I have stepped into more of a behind-the-scenes role. It’s busier, these days, but I spend a lot of time monitoring where projects are at, checking to-do lists for myself and our team, and scheduling projects. 

With a team our size, there is a lot of clean-up and maintenance work that needs to happen to make sure things are marked off as complete, organized, and that peoples’ schedules aren’t getting too chaotic. We have hundreds of projects in motion as a firm at any given time, so without some of that maintenance and monitoring, things can get out of hand in a hurry.

What other reflections stand out from the last year to you, Tyler?

Tyler: When the pandemic started, so many businesses, industries, and our school clients hit the brakes on marketing efforts. But really, it was amazing to see how quickly we were able to pivot and gain traction as an agency. And now we’re in a strong growth mode again. That’s really nice to see. 

Personally, I’m enjoying learning new skill sets and things like advanced process documentation. Some of it is super tedious, but it’s beneficial in our growth moving forward. We’ve added new positions as needs change for our clients. That’s strong adaptation and l feel like we’re in good hands with our leadership. And you know, I look at how many schools are out there. We’re working with schools coast to coast, and there are probably 30 schools within just a few miles of where I’m sitting. So many possibilities. 

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