Excellence by the Numbers (and the Books!)

While it is absolutely true that each North Star team member has a critical role in our work and how we serve clients, it is also true that our entire enterprise would come grinding to a halt if it wasn’t for Misha Foust. She does so much more than keep our books and untangle all the billing complications for folks; she keeps us on track.

Huge thank you, Misha, for all you do! What has the last year and all the changes meant for your work, Misha?

Misha: One of the great benefits of working remotely has been the way it helped us switch to an online bill pay system. Over time, the traditional system of signing checks and trying to make space for that in everyone’s busy schedule was only more difficult. Our new system streamlines all of that and helps me keep up with vendor payments.

I can’t even imagine how many details and profoundly important documents or records you need to keep track of for our team.

Misha: [Laughs.] Well, I have six filing cabinets just for the paper records and I’m about to get a seventh. Some of this stuff you just have to keep on hand for years. But, everything is there and it’s all organized methodically. That always makes things easier if you’re audited. So much smoother and faster than trying to piece things together from a big mess of transaction receipts and records. We may well be going to digital storage and records as a company soon, too. We’re looking at options for that.

I’m a writer and really, really not a numbers guy. Help me understand what some of the big challenges are with your work.

Misha: One of the things I see with my job is occasional confusion by clients about billing. Anyone who has ever been involved in the billing process understands just how much room for misunderstanding there can be, even when everyone is working hard to be accurate and clear. One of the most frequent points of confusion happens when the person involved in the sales conversation isn’t the same person who ends up handling payments. That disconnect can lead to some real complications! But I just see that as another facet of our opportunity to make difficult and complex things clear for the clients we serve. I’m here to help our clients understand our invoices and take any potential headaches out of payments.

Once again, Misha, I know I speak for everyone on our team when I say thank you for being such an organized, meticulous, dependable rock star who keeps us and our clients on the same page. Now, speaking of numbers, I hear that your big personal news from the last year has some interesting figures in it …

Misha: So, I went on a kind-of first date last January 7 … and married that guy on March 14 … Which sounds really fast, but the truth is, our real first date was 40 years ago! Michael and I have known each other a very long time and it has been wonderful to finally bring our two families together. Which includes my two Morkies (Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mixes), who weigh three pounds, and my other 17-pound dog with Michael’s 140-pound Great Pyrenees. It has been a wonderful, happy adjustment for us all!

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