Front-end Web Developer

Summary and Responsibilities

North Star Marketing (NSM) is looking for a seasoned front-end web developer to enhance our in-house development capabilities.

Initially, this position will produce the vast majority of front-end, client-side deliverables, with that work eventually being dispersed across all developers. This position will also help shape the process and corresponding tools for future front-end development across the organization.

Though the primary responsibility of this role focuses on front-end development, basic WordPress integration will be required. The front-end web developer will not only implement given tasks as directed, but will also have a significant role in guiding user experience, all while maintaining brand and message.

Skills and Levels

  • CSS – Advanced
    • Sass compilation
    • Usage of methodologies such as BEM or SMACCS a plus.
  • Javascript – Advanced
    • Uses task runners or bundlers such as Gulp and/or Webpack with Babel
    • Vanilla, ES6
    • jQuery
  • React – Introductory
  • Git (or other VCS) – Intermediate
  • Bootstrap or Foundation – Intermediate
  • WordPress – Introductory to Intermediate
  • Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
  • Sketch – Introductory to Intermediate
  • WCAG A- and AA-level standards – Introductory to Intermediate
  • Responsive and adaptive schemes
  • User experience methodologies and strategies
  • Can communicate clearly with team members during the development process

Work Breakdown

New front-end development


Modifying current codebases


WordPress integration


Training (other developers or designers)


Responsibilities May Include:

  • Developing the HTML, CSS, JavaScript for a new WordPress site
  • Advising development leads on process and tools related to front-end development
  • Making a WordPress theme cross-browser compatible
  • Integrating WordPress with front-end code to make a basic theme
  • Creating throw-away prototypes or proofs-of-concept for feedback and learning
  • Assisting back-end developers to fix a front-end bug
  • Giving counsel and advice to designers and developers on best practices
  • Helping to develop accurate time estimates for development in projects
  • Participating in code reviews with the development team

About North Star Marketing

Based in Burlington, NC, North Star Marketing is a multi-disciplined agency, combining marketing consultation with creative services to help our clients focus and execute promotional strategies. We provide: consulting, branding, website development, video services, photography, information packets and brochures, direct mail, trade show displays, advertisements, online marketing services (search engine optimization and paid search), content writing/editing, video production, social media, lead generation, and retained services. This integrated approach to marketing translates into a more streamlined experience for the client and stronger messaging in the marketplace. Our expertise as a marketing firm helps us build brands that are audience-focused, message-driven, attractive, and timeless. North Star was founded in 2000 and currently employs 28 people.

Core Values

  • Commit to Excellence – Goes above and beyond when it is necessary. Seeks and accepts challenging or even tedious tasks. Infuses quality into development at all points. Creates work that stands out and above the norm.
  • Lead with Humility – Self-motivated and diligent. Defines success by the team. Accepts criticism and acknowledges weakness graciously with the desire to change. Gives sincere praise to others on the team.
  • Pursue Growth – Continually learns and never settles. Pushes others and the organization towards improvement regularly.
  • Push for Clarity – Seeks the context or “why” of a particular task. Plans ahead instead of reactive. Communicates unambiguously.
  • Value Community – Understands and works well with others. Fits neatly within the organizational culture. Concerned with others’ needs and engaged.  Behaves well within meetings and other social interactions.
  • Find Joy in Work – Possesses a positive, optimistic attitude. Promotes a feeling of well-being in others.  

The NSM Development Team

As part of the development team, you will have the opportunity to work with experienced developers striving to create great experiences for our clients.  We are active in local meetups and encourage all team members to continue learning and sharing their knowledge internally, as well as in the community. Our work connects us directly with project managers, designers, and sales teams to make sure that projects are staying in scope and on target with deadlines. We are always open to new ideas and strive to make the team better whenever possible.