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Enrollment Health Assessment

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How healthy is your enrollment?

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Perhaps you need to grow enrollment in a certain Age-and-Stage™. Or maybe you want to sharpen and standardize your messaging. You might have a website project or rebrand on the horizon. Whatever your current scenario, the North Star Marketing team can help you clarify your marketing priorities so you are attracting and retaining the right families.  

After taking your Enrollment Health Assessment, schedule a call with one of our solutions advisors to learn how we can help you develop and deploy a marketing campaign and strategy that will move you closer to healthy enrollment.

The Enrollment Health Assessment will help your team:

Identify areas to effectively connect with new families

Recognize opportunities to strengthen retention efforts

Narrow your focus and resources to see more impactful results

Understand the importance of Age-and-Stage™ marketing

Find out just how healthy your enrollment is with our free assessment. 

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At North Star Marketing, we help independent schools solve enrollment challenges by implementing solution sets that effectively connect with and engage right-fit families. Bringing expertise, insight, and a can-do attitude to the table, we work as an extension of your team to collaborate on lead generation campaigns, website solutions, messaging alignment, and branding initiatives. 

The North Star Marketing team has become an essential part of our school’s marketing and enrollment efforts. They possess not only the science and the art of marketing but industry expertise and experience with many schools going through similar issues that we are. They’re able to offer trusted advice based on what is working in other areas of the country, while at the same time keeping things unique to our school and marketplace. I would highly recommend North Star Marketing to any private or faith-based school looking to increase their enrollment and brand impact. 

~ Rudi Gesch, Director of Marketing Communications, Eastern Christian School

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Marketing Leadership  We’ll share our method and insights, shaped by and for independent schools.


Proven Process  We’ll push you to push you to focus on priorities, not just projects.


Measurable Results  Our teams will align around the goals and metrics that matter.

Strategic Connections  Your team will have more opportunities to tell your story to a qualified audience.


How healthy is your enrollment?