Marketing Leadership for Healthy Enrollment


Whether your enrollment is up, down, or flat, marketing plays a key role in the long-term health of your school. But what is it exactly that your school needs from marketing? And how do you know if your investment is working? 

It’s not uncommon for school marketing teams to struggle when it comes to answering these questions. Knowing where and how to invest your limited resources can be challenging. At North Star Marketing, we help schools prioritize marketing initiatives to realize long-term wins.

How we can help

We’re not a generalist agency serving multiple industries.

Our methodology is built for and shaped by independent schools.

We go deep in our enrollment marketing strategy.

We equip schools with the strategy they need to effectively connect with families, communicate with empathy, and establish clarifying metrics to assess enrollment health.

Our Methodology

Stick around for just a little while and you’re sure to hear us talk about Age-and-Stage™ strategies, aligning messaging to the Family Journey, and establishing priorities before projects. But what does all of that mean? And why is this methodology so important for your next marketing campaign or website refresh with North Star?

The Family Journey

Families go through a process as they choose a school, evaluate their choice, and share their experience with others. We call this process The Family Journey.

The journey starts at the bottom of the path with Awareness and progresses to Advocacy. Unlike traditional marketing funnels, the Family Journey requires effort and investment as families move up the path, rather than falling down through a funnel.

 When you engage with North Star, you’ll work with a team of strategists and creatives to evaluate the effectiveness of your enrollment marketing strategy for each phase of the Family Journey. Then, you’ll identify opportunities to align enrollment marketing efforts with the realities of prospective and current families.  


Preschool. Kindergarten. Elementary school. Middle school. High school. While your school might not have all of these academic divisions or might use different terminology for specific segments, you understand their implications for teaching and programming. But have you thought about how they impact your marketing strategy?

These Age-and-Stage™ divisions influence how parents search for and evaluate private school options. After all, the parent of a first grader is going to be looking for something different than the parent of a ninth grader. And while this might seem like a simple concept, implementing Age-and-Stage™ strategies across your channels can feel overwhelming for teams who are already stretched thin by time and resources.

When you engage with North Star, we’ll help you establish priorities before projects so you’re focusing your resources in the areas that will produce the best results. Using our healthy enrollment assessment, you’ll learn how to address short-term gaps and deploy long-term promotional strategies to achieve your enrollment goals for each Age-and-Stage™.

Want a peek behind the scenes?

Schedule a call with one of our solutions advisors to learn how we implement North Star methodology into our school websites, inquiry generation, branding, and messaging solutions.

What to expect when you partner with North Star Marketing:

Marketing Leadership

We’ll share our method and insights, shaped by and for independent schools.

Proven Process

We’ll push you to focus on priorities, not just projects.

Measureable Results

Our teams will align around the goals and metrics that matter.

Strategic Connections

Your team will have more opportunities to tell your story to a qualified audience.

Marketing matters at every stage of a family’s journey.

Contact one of our Solutions Advisors to learn how North Star’s methodology can help you effectively connect with families to attract, enroll, and retain.

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