Mover of Obstacles, Master of Process: Clark Morgan Shares Lessons Learned

As Integrator for North Star Marketing, Clark Morgan helps keep track of priorities, processes, and profits. He manages the big picture while also keeping his eye on a million details. One of his favorite tools will always be a spreadsheet, yet he’s also learned the beauty of Traction Tools over the last year.

Clark is celebrating eight years with North Star this month, and we recently talked to him about the past year, as well as what’s on the horizon for the rest of 2020.

What exciting things have you been working on in the past year?

I’ve been transitioning from the role of Online Marketing Director to Integrator, which is a role also known as COO in many companies. North Star is continuing to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)  model. EOS is helping us refine our processes and strategies and ensuring we have the right people in the right roles.

I’m also working on the integration of our accounting, sales, and production platforms. And, as part of the Leadership Team, we’ve been able to work with some top-notch consultants who are helping us build a stronger organization for the future. I still enjoy collaborating with marketing managers on client strategy development and game plans.

What are the important lessons you have learned, both over your time at North Star and during your career?

So many of the big lessons I’ve learned at North Star center around people. These include being mindful of the pace of change and its impact on the team. I’ve also learned the immense value of having a great work community and culture, and the importance of having the right people in the right seats.

Another huge lesson: great ideas won’t ignite change if they’re not communicated well.

Also, I’ve seen the value of having a proven operating system in place to help the company run and scale without chaos. EOS has started to become that for us.

What about lessons that have come over the course of your career?

The biggest career lesson of my life was learning (the hard way) that it’s God who brings ultimate success in our work and business so that He gets the glory. I’ve done my share of striving and anxious toil, only to witness the Lord bring success from outside everything I was doing. When I invite Him into my work and pray for His help and guidance, I’ve seen some pretty cool things happen in ways I would have never expected.

What is on the horizon for your work in 2020?

I’ll be continuing to support our Leadership Team in helping remove any obstacles that may be keeping us from reaching our vision. Part of that work will be empowering new transformation teams to run experiments that will foster continual improvement across the firm.

I’m also creating a company budget that aligns our strategy with our resources, focusing on the growth of our operations and processes, and supporting team members to make sure they have what they need for their roles.

Your coworkers know you’re responsive, loyal, and helpful –  the guy who will answer emails even while on vacation – but tell us a little bit about your time outside of the office?

The biggest change at home in the past year has been that my wife Amy and I are now empty-nesters since our daughter started college at Western Carolina. We’ve also faced a big challenge with Amy having some health issues, but it’s also been amazing to see the Lord’s work in her progress and in the care from her medical team.

We’re also looking forward to taking some camping trips in our new camper this spring. My grandparents are campers and we’re looking forward to spending some time with them in the beauty of North Carolina’s mountains.

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