Project Manager Position Description

North Star thrives on referrals from satisfied clients; the Project Manager directly influences the client’s willingness to say good things about his or her experience with our firm or to leave dissatisfied and detract from our shared success. Excellent account service will result in wider and deeper client relationships. The health of these relationships not only advances the firm’s mission, but also creates growth opportunities for NSM team members.

With these objectives in mind, the Project Manager is tasked with implementing the production work developed by Marketing Managers, Development team members, and clients with repeat business. Day-to-day activities include client communication, team alignment and coordination, project management, production scheduling, vendor communication, follow-up and follow-through.

This is a key role at NSM and is vital for client satisfaction, project efficiency and team unity. The Project Manager will work with several clients at once, checking in with them weekly on their active projects and probing for open issues and opportunities that need to be addressed. The aim is to get to know a set of specific clients so well that the Project Manager can recognize small issues with the account before they become big issues.

The Project Manager must excel in communicating by phone and email. Furthermore, he/she should be able to organize and run meetings and track the resulting decisions and details through delivery.

The Project Manager will oversee the following types of projects: brand, web, print, online and traditional marketing. Some projects are one-off deliverables, and others are part of a larger, ongoing strategic plan.

People who are not multi-taskers would not be happy in this position. Success in this role means being able to unpack a busy inbox, organize and knock out To Do lists, close the loop on open conversations and anticipate client and team member needs.

Responsible for:

  • Assuring project profitability
  • Implementing marketing strategies by coordinating team member activities
  • Reviewing proposals prior to delivery
  • Developing purchase orders
  • Tracking projects from purchase order through invoicing
  • Initiating project billing
  • Breaking down approved projects into production schedules
  • Organizing milestones in the project management system and assigning deliverables to production team members
  • Coordinating resource allocation with other Marketing Managers
  • Gathering the necessary assets to develop a project (photos, copy, domain names, etc.)
  • Keeping strategy and development team members apprised of important developments in production schedules and client conversations
  • Communicating timelines to clients and other team members
  • Participating in scope/price conversations
  • Speaking up when deliverables are not in alignment with an organization’s brand standards
  • Obtaining client feedback and working through edits and revisions
  • Obtaining project approval and sign-off
  • Completing the project by matching the deliverables to the scope
  • Affirming all billing information is recorded and associated with the appropriate projects
  • When appropriate, starting conversations with clients concerning additional NSM offerings, passing along leads to Development Team
  • Participating in NSM marketing planning and execution
  • Above all, monitoring the health of the client relationship through proactive communication

Examples of projects the Project Manager will oversee:

  • Proposal development: reviewing proposals and project summaries
  • Project kickoff meetings
  • Branding: logo, tagline, name changes, etc.
  • Websites: new sites, revamped sites, custom programming, website edits, content writing projects
  • Online marketing: Landing pages, CTAs, email lead nurturing sequence campaigns, search engine optimization, paid search, eBooks
  • Information packets: brochures, pocket folders, cut sheets, etc.
  • Trade shows: displays, support collateral, promotions, digital media
  • Direct mail pieces: postcards, letters, coupons, invitations
  • Advertising: print ads, radio spots, TV spots, web banners, billboards
  • Client promotion: speeches, email blasts, newsletters, banners
  • Public relations: press releases, public service announcements, email and letter notices
  • Social media: setup, writing projects

Additional requirements:

  • Must be comfortable working with faith-based organizations
  • An excellent communicator and collaborator
  • Able to arrange and run meetings with direction, leaving with clear objectives and tasks
  • Comfortable talking with clients (via phone, email and in person)
  • Detail-oriented in context of a fast-paced environment
  • Capable of hitting daily deadlines
  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Able to identify and communicate opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Pleasant, personable demeanor (face-to-face, on the phone and via email)
  • Keen ability to multi-task; self-starter
  • Capable planner
  • A strong vocabulary
  • Teachable spirit
  • Sense of humor

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