"A ship is safe in harbor,

but that's not what ships are for."

What's in a name?

The North Star sits at the bottom (or top of the handle) of the Little Dipper. The brightest star in Ursa Minor,  Polaris is five times larger than the sun and is approximately 434 light years from earth. 

The North Star is best known for being a fixed point in the night sky. Ancient mariners depended on this guiding light to help them chart their course and venture across vast open waters. With no land in sight, they always knew where to look to get their bearings.

It’s a fitting metaphor for the work we do. Our clients have lofty missions, important enrollment goals, and hundreds, even thousands of lives to shape through education. They need to navigate their marketing with confidence. 

That’s where North Star comes in. Ready to set sail?

Our Core Values

Commit to Excellence

Do things well; always make things better; pursue what’s possible

Lead with Humility

It’s not about your deal; be comfortable with your limitations

Pursue Growth

Personal and team development starts with optimistic curiosity

Push for Clarity

Get what you need to do good work; give others with what they need to do good work

Value Community

Cherish the flavor of the culture; when you add an ingredient, you change the taste, for better or worse

Find Joy in Work

Discover purpose and energy in collective creativity and contribution

Meet the NSM Crew

We talk a lot about culture at North Star, specifically, our core values. These guiding principles impact how we hire, serve our clients, and interact with each other. Yes, North Star Marketing is a group of talented, creative professionals. But we’re more than that. We’re parents, coaches, counselors, hobbyists, sons, daughters, and friends. And we believe one of the greatest joys of work is creating relationships that matter. That’s why we make culture a priority.

Explore the Possibilities

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