Crew for what you do.

Whether on-campus or online, you’ve got seats to fill. And while you’ve got a talented team, you’ve realized this is going to take expertise from outside your organization. You want more than generic advice. You’re looking for strategic guidance and expert implementation from enrollment marketing professionals who see themselves as an extension of your team.

Ahoy, mate.

Marketing Leadership that Drives Healthy Enrollment

At North Star Marketing, many of our clients come to us looking for help with a specific initiative, such as branding, website, messaging, online marketing, etc. But what they’re really looking for is marketing leadership. Because their ultimate aim is not just a finished project; it’s a specific outcome. 

Why is digital marketing important? Because they need to drive more interest from qualified prospects. Why is a rebrand important? Because they’re competing for tuition dollars with polished rivals. Why is a website refresh important? Because prospective families and students are window shopping and making decisions without ever stepping foot on campus. 

Our clients want results, not just deliverables. That’s why you’re here, right? And that’s why Marketing Leadership is so important.


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