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The best school doesn’t always get the tuition dollars. The one that tells the best story often wins. As painful as the reality may be, most schools have not taken the time to clearly define their messaging. They are not on the same page internally, which means it is a tall order for prospective families to discern the key themes that define a particular school’s unique approach to education.

Let’s fix that for your school. North Star Marketing’s messaging solutions can help your school define your key audiences, articulate your distinctives, and tell a compelling story to right-fit families. It’s not about talking points, clever one-liners, or even brand scripts. Rather, our focus is on developing a documented overarching narrative that unpacks your school’s value proposition by Age and Stage®.

At North Star Marketing, we help independent schools effectively connect with prospective and current families so you have more opportunities to share your story with clarity. Our message workshops, developed and led by Andy Lynch, CEO and founder of North Star, are designed to:

  • Align messaging across school teams 
  • Increase organic visits to your school’s website
  • Increase the average duration spent on your website 
  • Increase engagement with your brand

You might benefit from North Star Marketing’s Message Workshops if your team:

Lacks clarity in who your audience is and what their pain points might be

Lacks consistency in how you connect with prospective and current families

Wants to identify and better articulate your unique value propositions

Needs help delivering timely content throughout the year

Wondering how message workshops can strengthen your marketing plan?

Schedule a call with one of our Solutions Advisors to learn more. We’ll show your our model for message development, discuss the dynamics of these engaging workshops, and discuss how the deliverables can be implemented into your recruitment and retention strategies.

Messaging Solutions

Message Workshops

These workshops are designed for schools who need:

  • To align their team around clear differentiators 
  • Help understanding family needs and how to present themselves as a solution 
  • Buy-in on a new program or initiative

Seasonal Message Maps

These workshops are designed for schools who need: ​

  • Help delivering timely, relevant content throughout the year 
  • Support developing an editorial calendar for blog posts and social media content
  • A content strategy that will connect with prospective and current families

“North Star Marketing’s workshops are an invaluable resource for schools.

They helped us dig deep and create a marketing plan that will continue to serve as our guiding light for years to come. Our Education Marketing Manager has been there with us every step of the way, lending her knowledge and expertise. Every member of their team works together to keep things running smoothly while maximizing our results.” 

Gina Driscoll, Director of Marketing and Communications, Columbia Academy

Why independent schools choose North Star’s messaging solutions:

We know the education industry

We only work with independent schools. The result is messaging solutions that are built on strategy developed for and by schools. We’ll help you identify what sets you apart from your competitors because we know how to dig deep, ask the right questions, and track solid market trends

We’ll engage you in the process

When you partner with North Star, you become an active contributor in shaping your school’s messaging. This means you’ll have a deeper understanding of a specific audience, greater clarity on how to deploy messaging, and a voice during each step of the process.

We can help you implement messaging strategies

While other agencies or consultants might give you an overwhelming list of recommendations, North Star has the capability and expertise to actually do the work for you. You’ll benefit from working with our team of creatives, writers, and strategists — all experts in their areas.

Ready to gain clarity on your school’s messaging?

Connect with one of our solutions advisors to learn more about North Star Marketing’s messaging solutions. We’d love to hear more about your needs and goals.

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