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Healthy enrollment is about more than converting inquiries to tours and applicants to filled seats. It’s about creating a community of invested, right-fit families who want to be with you at every Age-and-Stage™ of their child’s learning experience.

After all, full enrollment isn’t the same as healthy enrollment. Having full seats can pose its own set of challenges, especially if your grades are filled with families who are not right-fit or who aren’t fully committed to being part of your community.

Here are some common challenges we hear from schools who come to us with enrollment challenges:

“I know we need to be doing online marketing, but I am not sure what to do or how to do it.“

“I am just one person. I don’t have the capacity or expertise to execute a marketing strategy. I can’t do it all.”

“I need help promoting a specific event that is critical to our retention efforts. Current families are evaluating their experience. I need this to be right.”

“My team is overwhelmed. We do not have the time to be telling our story consistently to new or current families.”

If any of these statements resonate with you, know that you are not alone.

At North Star Marketing, more than half of the schools we work with are experiencing full enrollment, so we understand the challenges you’re facing. The other half are looking for a partner who is going to help them focus their investment and efforts on the right priorities.

At North Star Marketing, that’s where we come in. Whether you are looking to fill seats in a specific Age-and-Stage™ or across your school, our themed campaigns and optimization strategies can help you:

  • Tell your story to a more qualified audience 
  • Accurately track prospective families as they move through the Family Journey
  • Help current families reflect on their experience  
  • Understand the return on investment of your marketing efforts

Online Marketing Campaign Solutions

School Awareness Campaigns

Age-and-Stage™ Campaigns

Whole-School Campaigns

Custom Inbound Marketing Retainer

Measurable Results

Portsmouth Christian Academy


return on investment


tuition generated

Paid Search

Campaign: Parent Info Packet

Legacy Christian Academy


return on investment


tuition generated

Paid Search / Paid Social / Inbound

Campaign: Parent Info Packet, Switch, and KinderReady

Gaston Christian Academy


return on investment


tuition generated

Paid Social / Inbound

Campaign: KinderReady and Inside the Mind of a Midde Schooler

Not sure if your online marketing strategy is working?

Whether you’re just getting started or are looking for more impactful results, our solutions advisors are happy to listen to your goals. Schedule a call — it’s a relaxed, no-pressure opportunity to reflect on your strategy and where you want to go.

Why independent schools choose North Star’s online marketing campaign solutions:

We know the education industry

Because we only work with schools, we understand at a deeper level the enrollment challenges our clients go through. As specialists, we know what questions to ask, what to challenge, and what to affirm.

Our proven process demonstrates results

Our strategies are built for and shaped by schools across the country. We’ve developed a proven process that is specifically tailored to meet enrollment needs.

We can help you implement online marketing campaigns

While other agencies or consultants might give you an overwhelming list of recommendations, North Star has the capability and expertise to actually develop and implement online marketing campaigns for you. You’ll benefit from working with our team of strategists, creatives, and writers — all experts in their areas.

Ready to get started on your next online marketing campaign?

Connect with one of our solutions advisors to learn more about North Star Marketing’s online marketing campaign solutions. We’d love to hear more about your needs and goals.

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