Calvary Christian Academy

Growing enrollment and community from 32 students to 160+

When Calvary Christian Academy first contacted North Star Marketing in 2019, they were known as Oaks Christian School and had been operating for just 15 months, serving kindergarten through fourth grade families. As a brand-new independent school, they knew they needed a full marketing plan that would improve name recognition and generate inquiries, as well as a website that was focused more on helping prospective families understand the school’s distinctive program offerings. 

Challenges & Opportunities

school size

160+ Students

year founded

2018 (as Oaks Christian School)


Charlotte, NC

grade levels

Currently K-8th grade, with first high school year in 2024-2025

Measureable Goal #1

Increase kindergarten enrollment


“Our goal was to double enrollment for kindergarten from 2022-23 to 2023-24. We met that goal, with a third of new enrollments coming from leads generated through our work with North Star.” — CCA

Measureable Goal #2

Increase organic inquiries for all Ages-and-Stages®


47% increase in inquiries from 2021-22 to 2022-23


In 2020, North Star began work on a brand standardization project, including a logo redesign. This was followed by paid search advertising and, later, rebranding and a website redesign.

After years of growth, Oaks Christian School relocated its campus to Calvary Church in 2022 and changed its name to Calvary Christian Academy (CCA). This change called for rebranding, but it was important to maintain elements of the existing brand that were at the heart of the school. 


Since then, CCA has grown to offer up to eighth grade and will continue adding levels up to 12th grade in coming years. They’ve also doubled several grades, including kindergarten and sixth grade.


To generate more inquiries, CCA’s logo rebrand was enhanced with paid search advertising, later complemented by inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). North Star developed a Parent Information Packet — a downloadable guide to help prospective parents learn more about the school — and strategically placed it throughout the client’s website with engaging calls to action. Additionally, website content was developed to communicate strengths and differentiators of various Ages-and-Stages® the school serves, such as kindergarten and middle school.

"We would not have the enrollment we have today without our partnership with North Star Marketing. Half of our new enrollments last year were a direct result from their work on and management of our digital marketing campaigns. We're grateful to North Star for helping us to find right-fit families for our school!"

Emily Pollok, CCA Communications Manager


These strategies have helped promote CCA’s unique identity and distinctives to more prospective families. In just a few years, CCA has grown from being a small startup school to having a healthy student body with an empowered enrollment team. North Star continues to provide expertise and flexibility, allowing CCA to have as much or as little influence on projects as they’d like, all the while continuing to provide support through collaborative conversations, seasonal priority-setting strategies, and enrollment goal discussions.




Leads have increased significantly since CCA’s partnership with North Star Marketing and have led to more than 90 student enrollments, including one-third of kindergarten enrollments.*

*Results from 2023-2024 year


REturn on investment

The client’s total marketing investment has generated an ROI of nearly $1.1 million, calculated using the first year of tuition paid for each student.


Increase in organic search traffic*

With search engine optimization strategies in place, increased online traffic has led to a 20% increase in organic lead generation year over year.**

*Results from 2023-2024 year

**Results from September to February reporting year

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