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K-12 Independent Schools

Whether your enrollment is up, down, or flat, you're never done thinking through your marketing strategy. Is your branding solid? Does the message need sharpening? Is your website effective? Is your digital strategy driving qualified leads? North Star Marketing can help you think critically about how you are connecting with qualified families, shore up your marketing infrastructure, and build effective lead funnels for each age and stage.

Community Colleges

Community colleges play an integral role in the vitality of local communities, equipping thousands of students each year to advance their careers, pursue advanced studies, or pick up a new hobby. Marketing and admissions professionals have their hands full promoting a wide range of programming. In fact, it can be overwhelming. Early college, dual enrollment, 2-year transfers, summer school, certificates, economic and workforce development programs, training and certifications, up-skilling ... and more. Need a hand with that? We should talk.

Colleges & Universities

For colleges and universities, North Star Marketing is particularly effective in developing and deploying strategies that drive enrollment in specific programs. For example, if you're launching a new online (or on-campus) master's program, we can help. If enrollment is soft in a specific area, we can evaluate the current funnel and help rethink the strategy. Our work frequently involves cross-functional teams of marketing, admissions, academic deans, faculty, staff, and students. This collaborative effort results in clarity, alignment, and traction.

Apprenticeship Programs

Yes, apprenticeship is all about enrollment. An effective apprenticeship program is a balanced equation of students and host businesses. You need to drive recruitment and enrollment efforts among both audiences to have a robust program. While many apprenticeship initiatives are based in the community college system, there are an increasing number of consortia driven by privately held companies who are taking an innovative approach to addressing talent pipeline challenges. North Star's experience in developing marketing strategies for apprenticeship programs can help your teams go further faster.

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