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In partnership with the Association of Christian Schools International, North Star Marketing and Enrollment Catalyst are excited to present the 2023 Enrollment Marketing Webinar Series. Through a blend of teaching and conversation, Andy Lynch, President & CEO of North Star Marketing, and Dr. Rick Newberry, President of Enrollment Catalyst, will discuss important strategies to recruit and retain mission-aligned families.  

Friday, February 10, at 11 am EST

Presented by Andy Lynch and Rick Newberry

If you want a harvest, you have to plant seeds. If you want a financial return, you have to make an investment. But as intuitive as that logic is, many schools have yet to set aside a dedicated line item in their budget for marketing. It’s not that they don’t spend any money on marketing, but they tend to fund one-off projects rather than sustain a consistent investment in promoting their school. In many cases, school leaders have not been asked to think differently about how to fund the marketing program. In this session, we will discuss the importance of your school’s enrollment marketing investment and help you make the case to your Board for consistent marketing funding.

Friday, February 24, at 11 am EST

Presented by Rick Newberry and Andy Lynch

Whether you are a Head of School, Director of Admissions, or board member, you will understand what every school leader should know about enrollment and marketing. You will leave this webinar smarter than you were before as you learn more about these key areas and the meaning behind the Get S.M.A.R.T. acronym.

Friday, March 10, at 11 am EST

Presented by Andy Lynch and Rick Newberry

That list of marketing projects on your whiteboard is probably not getting any shorter. And they’re all important. How do you determine which ones to work on next? Which ones to fund? Perhaps a better question is how do you know if you’ve even got the right initiatives on the board? In this talk, we’ll discuss a framework that will help your team prioritize activities and investments by outcomes, not just deadlines, regardless of your school’s size or the number of hats you wear.

Friday, March 24, at 11 am EDT

Presented by Rick Newberry and Andy Lynch

Do you need some new enrollment and marketing strategies that actually work? Packed with examples that have proven successful for other schools, 50 Enrollment and Marketing Strategies in 50 Minutes touches on everything from admissions, retention, marketing and more.

Friday, April 28, at 11 am EDT

Presented by Andy Lynch and Rick Newberry

Choosing a school can be complex, confusing, and stressful. It’s an unfamiliar process. The stakes are high. Time is short. Price is a factor. And the decision has long-term implications for their entire family. As parents step through the process of evaluating school options, there are five factors that drive their decision. We call these the 5 Value Drivers of Family Choice. They are the “go / no-go” questions that help them decide which schools to take off the list…and which one will get their tuition dollars. In this session, we’ll unpack the 5 Value Drivers and help you position your school to win with right-fit families.

Friday, May 12, at 11 am EDT

Presented by Rick Newberry and Andy Lynch

It is more cost-effective to keep a family enrolled than it is to recruit a new one. Retention should be a core component of your school’s enrollment management plan. It is also a strategy that should involve your entire community. In this webinar, we will discuss effective retention strategies to keep your families enrolled.

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