Behind the Brand: Antioch Community Church

Antioch_LogoBURLINGTON, NC (April 2, 2013) – North Star Marketing Senior Designer Kyle Smith recently created a new brand identity for Antioch Community Church, a local Burlington, N.C.-area, congregation. The new logo and tagline were unveiled during the morning service on Sunday, March 24, 2013.

As North Star’s resident newshound, I asked Kyle to tell me about the branding process, including how he developed the concept and why he took the creative direction he did.


Elizabeth: Tell me about the branding process. What did you enjoy most about working on Antioch’s new “look”?
Kyle: The Antioch rebrand was a fun project for me. I love tackling design projects when clients are passionate about their message and have a clear understanding of who they are and what they believe. Mark Fox, pastor, and the church elders had a lot of great input and a lot trust in my talents, so from a designer’s perspective, it was as good as it gets.
Elizabeth: What creative direction did the folks at Antioch give you as you started the rebrand?
Kyle: Antioch really wanted a versatile logo that conveyed a strong Spirit-led renaissance of traditional values. The goal was to convey strength in tried-and-true principles and to show leadership, discipleship and service.
Elizabeth: Sounds to me like Antioch knows who they are and what they’re about! How does the new logo convey these concepts for them?
Kyle: Well, the shield represents the willingness to serve and symbolizes strength and courage we gain from the Holy Spirit. The “A” represents the name Antioch and is filled with the cross. The “A” reaches beyond its borders, signifying a desire to grow in Christ and to serve. The cross represents a bridge that spans the gap – a powerful visual image of Christ’s work in salvation.
Elizabeth: I love hearing about the brand from the designer. It makes the visual experience so rich. Thank you! Any final thoughts?
Kyle: I think the final logo does a great job encapsulating Antioch’s message and will give them a strong community presence for many years. I’m grateful for the opportunity!

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