Behind the Brand: Friendship Christian School

Friendship blogBURLINGTON, NC (July 19, 2013) – Friendship Christian School (FCS) in Raleigh, N.C., recently introduced a new academic logo, designed by North Star Marketing.

Administrator Ric Nelson initiated the branding process in January 2013 in an effort to standardize the school’s representation in the community, in promotional materials and internally. The new brand aligns the school’s visual presence with the superior educational value it has offered since the time it opened its doors in 1970. The brand standardization process also includes the design and implementation of a new athletic logo, which will be introduced for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Brand

The new logo is a clear departure from the former logo – a round seal that relied heavily on the use of symbols. The former FCS seal included three divisions to symbolize the Trinity, praying hands, a world and an open book to symbolize the Holy Bible.

The new FCS academic logo icon features a crest-shaped badge with a large “FCS” in stylized typography and a cross hovering above an open book. The badge can be used by itself, apart from the typography, making the logo more versatile for use on apparel, banners, seals, labels and magnets. The new logo allows for both a horizontal and vertical orientation, and can be used with a new mission-focused tagline: Community | Faith | Character.

North Star Senior Designer Kyle Smith opted for a cleaner look, relying on design elements for visual interest rather than cluttering the badge too many “messages.”

“Rather than using a symbol for the Trinity, I chose to use a three-cornered shield,” said Smith. “Also, the book and the cross have been simplified and modernized. The three-dimensional effect on the shield gives the logo depth.”

The Process

The new FCS academic logo took shape as a result of an in-depth discovery process and careful feedback from the administrative team on design concepts.

North Star’s discovery process included on-site meetings with key project stakeholders – including parents, faculty and staff – to learn more about the culture and offerings of the school, as well as its mission, vision and distinctives.

North Star Marketing Copywriter Elizabeth Travers facilitated several of the meetings. “More than anything else in the branding process, these conversations with various members of the FCS community give us a window into the heart of the school’s mission and ministry,” said Travers. “Listening well to the feedback we receive is the most important thing we can do for our clients.”

End the Identity Crisis

North Star Marketing has completed numerous brands for churches, schools, non-profits and small businesses over the years. Browse our portfolio to see our work, and let us know how we can help you refine, standardize or define your brand presence in the community.


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