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These 6 SEO Basics Will Help Improve Your School’s Search Rankings

We recently published an article that discussed the decline in click-through-rates on organic searches and proposed some solutions for regaining that visibility. While it’s true that Google routinely pushes down organic search results in favor of Google Ad placements and other search engine results page (SERP) features, having your school rank well in organic search is still an unignorable part of your digital marketing strategy.

“Organic search remains the fuel you need to establish sustained long-term growth.”

Of the nearly 20 K-12 private school clients whose digital marketing efforts we oversee, all of them see the overwhelming majority of their traffic come to their website through organic search. So, yes, while the Google Ads platform and SERP feature optimization are important cogs in your digital marketing machine, organic search remains the fuel you need to establish sustained long-term growth for your website traffic and, ultimately, your school’s enrollment.  Read More

Reclaiming Online Visibility in 2019 [3 Critical Strategies]

“We want to rank first for that keyword.”

If you run a small business, I’m sure you’ve had that thought. It’s a great goal to have. And yes, ranking first for a specific term has its advantages.

But it also doesn’t mean what it used to. Take a quick look on Google today, and you’ll find that first position organic search results are now pushed down the page and below the fold by ads, local map packs, and other Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features. It’s likely your prospects could search Google for a keyword you rank well for, but never see your company’s listing! 

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How to Win Local Searches with Google My Business in 2019

Whether investigating private school options or searching locally for quality running socks, the first place people go to is Google. Your school or company may provide the exact service or product someone is searching for, but without an accurate and optimized Google My Business listing, there’s a chance you’ll be invisible when they look for you online.Google My Business Set Up

The presence and quality of your Google My Business (GMB) local listing has become a vital differentiator to gain visibility in Google search results. If Google recognizes your business as a top contender in the search, the GMB listing appears at the top of a search result on mobile or the right-hand side of a desktop search result. Read More

Facebook Fears and How Your Business Should Respond

facebook fears for businessesFacebook seems to be making plenty of headlines lately. And for businesses that advertise, it’s concerning.  From algorithm changes that reduce brand visibility, to recent data breach accusations, it’s hard to ignore. Both issues have caused reactions among businesses and investors as stocks have fallen sharply in both circumstances. As with any news cycle, these issues won’t be the end of the story.

For businesses and content producers, this news should give us reason to pause. It should cause us to consider how this impacts the kind of content we produce, the kind of engagement we desire, and how to track our audience through social media platforms.

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The Social Tool Your Company May Be Missing – Google+


The world of social media often fosters confusion rather than traction. Businesses simply don’t know where to invest their time and energy. If you’re like most, you’ve probably explored at least one of the widely-used platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But if you have limited time to invest in social media, there’s one platform you don’t want to overlook – Google+. With more than 343 million active users, you’ll want to join the party.

With a vast majority of web searches taking place on Google, your Google+ page can have huge SEO implications. A lot of the information that Google indexes about your company can be controlled by keeping this social media platform up to date. Additionally, Google+ integrates easily across other Google platforms, like Gmail and YouTube, and offers a unique combination of both social and SEO opportunity.

A verified and up-to-date Google+ page can improve both your organic search results, as well as your local rankings. This will allow your business to be more prominent on a page of search results, and increase the number of times you show up on a page. 

Google+ may not be the most well known social media platform, but its vital role in boosting your SEO value should not be overlooked. If you want to learn how to effectively use your Google+ page to drive more traffic and find new leads, contact North Star Marketing today to learn how we can help you take advantage of this powerful social tool.



Overwhelmed by Online Marketing? 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Online Marketing for Better Results

Clark Morgan - Online Marketing DirectorYou look at the clock … 1:07 am. Half asleep, it’s time to call it a night. As you close your laptop, you slump back in your chair, head spinning. Despite hours of hard work, you feel more overwhelmed and frustrated than when you started. Unanswered questions flood your mind.

“Why don’t we show up for these keyword searches? Is what I’ve been doing the past three hours actually SEO, or am I just wasting my time? Should we try a pay-per-click strategy? Maybe blogging or adding more website content? Using social media? Ugggh.”
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Five Ways to Get Google’s Attention

Remember the Attention-Getter in junior high? You know…the class clown, the flirt, the show-off?

What about the Worker-Bee – another common junior high species? While the Attention-Getter was busy soliciting stares and laughs – along with the well-deserved ire of the teacher – the Worker-Bee dutifully finished homework, handed out papers for the teacher and kept his/her pencil razor sharp at all times.

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