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Solve your school’s enrollment challenges with solutions that generate measurable outcomes.

If you’re a Marketing Director, Admissions Director, or a Head of School, you know that right-fit families and students don’t just wander into your admissions office. It takes strategy, investment, and expertise to attract, enroll, and retain them. If you’re looking for a true enrollment marketing partnership, we invite you to learn more about North Star Marketing. Our proven solutions and programs are designed to help Marketing and Admissions teams go further faster.

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Whether your enrollment is up, down, or flat, marketing plays a key role in the long-term health of your school. You’ve got a talented team, but you’ve realized this is going to take some expertise from outside your organization. You want more than generic advice. You’re looking for strategic guidance and expert implementation from enrollment marketing professionals who see themselves as an extension of your team.

Our team of specialists understand the challenges you’re facing. They’ve sat in your seat, given the tours, enrolled new families, and cultivated relationships for retention. They’ve asked the same questions you’re asking now.

Bringing industry expertise, insights, and a can-do attitude, we work with schools to solve enrollment challenges by implementing solution sets that generate measurable outcomes.


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